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"Diapered Discipline"
Includes bonus "Behind The Scenes"

Full length movie 65 minutes playing time
Featuring Sunny, Brooke and Stuart as Sunny's strict step-daddy

Including six minutes behind the scenes. See the real Sunny and Brooke

Brooke and Sunny are still close friends and Brooke now better understands Sunny as a bedwetter and her very controlled home life.
She still is surprised at just how immature her friend is dressed and leaves for the day to go shopping.
When she comes back, she hears Sunny's step-father spanking the daylights out of her.
She is stunned by this and cannot believe an adult girl still gets treated this way.
Brooke finds out her friend still gets cared for and realizing how immature she truly is, convinces her step-father that she is capable of babysitting her friend.

In the meantime Sunny is not feeling well and her step-daddy thinks she may have a temperature. He lays her over his knee, pulls down her diaper and uses a rectal thermometer on her.

Step-Daddy Stuart supervises while Brooke sees if she can change Sunny's wet diaper satisfactorily.
Brooke is comfortable in her role as both friend and big step-sister to Sunny, including diapering her.
Sunny is grateful to have her friend willing to sit her and hopefully not get spanked by her step-father anymore.

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